Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 62)

Big BrotherToday marked the Veto Ceremony in the Big Brother 21 house, and it wasn’t so much about a move that was made as it was a move that wasn’t.

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If you did not know already, the plan going into the Veto Ceremony was for Jackson to not use the Veto, leaving Christie and Analyse up there. This comes after an exhaustive period of campaigning within the game, with Christie, Tommy, and Analyse all trying to pitch Jackson on reuniting the remaining members of the Six Shooters and taking out Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff in some order. Yet, this plan fell on somewhat-deaf ears as Jackson realized that there were some things that were off about it — namely, that Nick was being protected somewhat and it still felt like Jackson/Holly would be #5 and #6 in a potential future alliance.

After Jackson made the decision to not use the Veto, he and Tommy had a conversation about it and he made it clear to him that long-term, keeping Christie would result in him getting sixth or fifth place. Tommy was understanding, or at least that is the way that he wanted to come across in the conversation. Meanwhile, Christie claimed that she was accepting that it was her time and doesn’t seem to be altogether upset (for now). Analyse claims that she’ll be next, which may not be the case but these people are mopey right now.

Before the Veto Ceremony, it’s worth pointing out a conversation between Cliff and Jackson. Within it, Cliff told Jackson about Jessica trying to throw Nick, Jackson, and Tommy under the bus for having an alliance that the guys all deny … and Jackson told him about some of the campaigns. Yet, he didn’t tell him all of the information — a move that could help him later in that he stops some gossip from happening around the house.

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