‘The Walking Dead’ review: Lori helps [spoiler], and someone else dies!

Last week’s new episode of “The Walking Dead” was really in many ways about introductions: we first got the opportunity to see the prison that is going to be serving as our survivors’ new home following their departure from Hershel’s farm, and we also had the introduction of such new characters as the inmates and Michonne.

Now, we enter what is more of the adjustment period, and it’s not an easy one for any of them. The unfortunate thing is that as much hype as the show had with both Michonne and The Governor leading into this season, they are both to this point more or less just non-factors. Instead, this episode really just revolved around what was still happening at prison, as some of these new inmates decided to go a little bit crazy. Some lives were inevitably lost in the process, with the most notable being the one that was more or less just left to the walkers’ devices. (Hey, you can’t save them all.)

When it comes to someone who was actually saved in this episode, hats off to Lori for not only keeping Hershel alive just when everything seemed lost for the man, but for having a nice moment with Rick in the process. These moments are few and far between  for a show like this, and it is for that reason that these moments are special.

We did rather enjoy this episode, but we do also have one major concern here: we want to see things speeding up a little bit soon. There’s some stuff happening, but we were still expecting more after some of the promises from in the pre-season.

What did you think about this episode?

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