‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Sam and Dean as Starsky and Hutch (video)

There’s something rather awesome about the new clip for Wednesday night’s new episode of “Supernatural,” and it may just be that it effectively combines just about everything we love about the show (the action, the mystery, nice cars), and even a little bit of something new.

In this case, the “something new” that we are talking about specifically is the entire notion that this is a “found footage” episode that we have seen in some movies as of late … including “Cloverfield.” We also have a rare sight of Sam and Dean in suits, as they arrive on the scene of a college campus in order to investigate some recent animal attacks. They are not so much the main characters here though, as we are instead looking at this story through the lens of three young people attending the school.

Perhaps more so than any other episode on the show ever over the course of its run, we are going to have a story here that is rather hard to predict. This is what happens when we don’t know the characters, what their motivations are for shooting the video, or just what their interaction will be like over time with the people that they do love. One thing that we can say for sure, though: we love it that the show is taking this sort of risk, and even if the episode as a whole does not work, the fans will still come back for a more traditional episode moving forward.

What do you think about this clip below?

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