Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Nomination ceremony results

Big Brother 21The nomination ceremony took place this evening within the Big Brother 21 house — want to go ahead and get the results? We’ve got some of those for you within this piece!

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Going into the ceremony, we knew what the plan was for Head of Household Jackson — he wanted to nominate a combination of Analyse and Christie, with Christie serving as the person he wanted to target at the end of it all. Analyse is just the pawn, but Jackson has to be okay with targeting her if the situation calls for it. Given that he’s tried to bring together numbers including Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica to his side, he’d be smart to not nominate any of them.

The question that we found ourselves wondering following the nomination ceremony was simply this — how in the world we were going to see Christie and Analyse handle being on the block. It’s not a good situation for either of them since Jackson isn’t looking to do them any favors. He told both of them that his nominations are strictly game and he isn’t out to make anything personal. That doesn’t mean that the players will take it altogether well, though. Just keep some of that in mind as the week progresses on.

At first, it seemed like Christie and Analyse were okay with being on the block, or at least they’re telling themselves that they’re okay. They recognize that one of the two of them is likely leaving the game — what we wonder is what happens in the event that Tommy wins the Veto. Where does the game go from there? Let’s just hope for some great drama and some surprising twists and turns along the way.

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