‘The X Factor’ UK review: Did Rylan Clark, Jade Ellis survive rough week?

After a pretty dramatic episode of “The X Factor” Saturday that was all about performing club classics, it was fairly clear that there were a few weak links among the group. Of course, you could look at Rylan Clark for an example of a singer who just when it comes to pure vocal talent, is not up to the level of his competitors. Or, you can look at someone like Jade Ellis, who struggled mightily during the performance show thanks to suffering from some issues with her voice.

Surprisingly, both parties ended up being safe during the result show Sunday, and we saw yet again the continuation of a rather unfortunate trend: the voting public hating the groups and the overs categories. Despite neither party being in the bottom two before this season, MK1 from Louis Walsh’s team faced off with Kye Sones from Gary Barlow’s. This is the third straight week that someone from Barlow’s category was forced to sing for their lives, and the track record wasn’t particularly good. (Just ask Carolynne Poole or Melanie Massone.)

Let’s look first at their performances.

MK1 – We don’t know who was involved in this song choice, but it was a little awkward to see Sam standing there for most of the time while Charlie sang. There’s little question that they are the more current of the two artists, but their biggest issue so far has been song choice, couple with the fact that Charlie is not necessarily the best female singer in the competition.

Kye Sones – Vocally, you could tell that Kye was struggling to get through this thanks to his recovery from the flu. Even with this, though, he was the clear winner of this sing-off thanks to the fact that you could hear the emotion in every note that he sand during this song.

At first, the rest of this felt familiar: we once again went to deadlock after Tulisa refused to send home MK1, but the British public actually decided to throw Kye a bone and send the duo home. Let’s be real here, though: neither one of these two deserved to go home. From out standpoint, Rylan is clearly the worst singer in the competition at this point, but he keeps finding a way to survive.

What did you think about these results?

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