Yellowstone season 2 episode 8 review: A house is not a home

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Tonight, Yellowstone season 2 episode 8 tried to pick up the pieces of “Resurrection Day” which was one of the most chaotic episodes of the series. Think along the lines of the horrific assault on Beth, Jamie still trying to find his place after his own murder, and the revenge plot on Malcolm Beck.

For most of the episode tonight, it felt like we were stuck trying to pick up some of the pieces. The ranch tried to get used to its current new normal — Beth was working in order to recover, Jamie was working quietly at the ranch, and Kayce and Monica were trying to get accustomed to living around all of his family. That was a tough transition — as big as the home was, there was so much darkness around every corner. Beth was wandering around with bruises all over her face and it wasn’t entirely clear why. Kayce did start to clear things up, but that doesn’t change the overarching sentiment that a house is not a home.

This house, in particular, is constantly on the verge of being burned and destroyed.

Throughout the episode, we saw a battle between multiple parties and Malcolm Beck — Thomas Rainwater, Dan Jenkins, and John Dutton found themselves strange bedfellows as they teamed up to protect themselves. Beck, meanwhile, was enraged over what happened on this past episode … but he and John are getting set to meet up soon at Jackson Hole.

Here’s what John needs to be worried about now — Beck is ready and intent on taking away from John “who he loves the most.” What you gotta wonder about right now is who that person is and how it’s going to impact his life. Could he take away Tate? What about Kayce? It seems like John’d grandson is the likely contender to be in danger because of the editing tonight, so go ahead and be prepared for peril across the final two episodes of the season.

CarterMatt Verdict

Compared to some other episodes of Yellowstone season 2, you could look at episode 8 and say that it was small potatoes. Did anything happen that was anywhere near as significant? We’d understand if you left it feeling some qualms or concerns that the tension was starting to slow.

Yet, this episode set the stage for some incredible drama and also offered us a portrait of some different relationships — the one between Rip and Beth has an air of sadness to it despite the obvious love that is there. Meanwhile, Monica and Kayce are trying to move forward in the right direction, but both may be realizing that compromise is the only way to really make things better. Teamwork makes the dream work.

This episode was a story about relationships, and with Beck threatening lives and with John actually requiring some of Jamie’s legal skills at the end of this episode, we’re setting up for some high-intensity situations moving into the end of the season.

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