Suits season 9 episode 5 review: Who was fired from the firm?

Suits season 9

Entering Suits season 9 episode 5, it was clear from a promotional standpoint what the main event was: The return of Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross. Yet, in the aftermath of watching it, that’s only one small piece of the puzzle.

Instead, it now looks like Samantha Wheeler may be no more as a name partner at the firm! What she showed in tonight’s episode was how desperate she was to not lose a case, and also how she needs to learn to be a little quieter when admitting to things around the firm.

Let’s backtrack a little bit to lay the groundwork for what happened here. Tonight, Mike arrived to both spend some time with his pal but also handle a new case — one involving a high-level athlete who wanted to split from a sports brand after learning about unfair label practices. Yet, he was under contract. Mike used Harvey’s perception of him against him throughout the episode, portraying this as mostly a case of goodwill and doing the right thing against a big corporation. He played the emotional side of the case to rival Harvey up.

Do we think Mike wanted to stick it to The Man? Sure, but he also wanted to use the publicity from the case so that his athlete client could get out of the contract, still be paid, and then go and start his own brand with more ethical labor practices at the center of it. That’s what he wanted and, at least at one point in the episode, it seemed like he managed to get it. Mike played Harvey and used deposition information to get what he wanted — and, in the end, Harvey was fine with him having the win.

Who wasn’t? Samantha, who was responsible for the sports brand after Harvey handed it off to her. She didn’t like this idea of Mike winning the case or Harvey taking it easy where he may not otherwise. That’s why she decided to go ahead and created evidence in order to ensure that things turned around. When Harvey and Mike found out about it, both of them were irate — and we didn’t quite get a full-on reconciliation at the end of the episode. Yet, it was Samantha who was dealt the biggest blow after Faye overheard Harvey confronting her on it. Samantha refused to let Harvey take the fall for an action she committed, and while she didn’t admit to falsifying anything herself, she still found herself facing the firing squad. Samantha is gone … at least for now. She could be back next week for all we know.

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Katrina finds her footing

What’s excellent about this story is that it satisfies precisely what we wanted for her all season long — having a chance to discover herself as a person, and not just as someone who was in love with a married man. With Donna’s help, Katrina started to realize that her relationship with Brian was just as much about herself needing something outside of work as anything. With that, Katrina is now trying to make more time to discover herself, and that includes taking part in ballet.

CarterMatt Verdict

While we wanted to see maybe more of a happy ending for Mike and Harvey tonight, presumably Mike’s coming back for the series finale and we’ll have a chance to see the dynamic duo back together then. There were still a number of fun little moments sprinkled in throughout, whether it be Mike’s first scene back or him gifting Louis a baby shirt with a variation of his classic Litt Up catchphrase. We got a lot of the Mike stuff we needed, while also still adding in the Faye Richardson storyline in a way that pushes the show forward.

Sure, Suits tonight had some nostalgia, but it also had so much more.

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