13 Reasons Why season 3 trailer analysis: Did Clay kill Bryce Walker?

13 Reasons Why season 213 Reasons Why season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix come August 23 and judging from the latest trailer for what lies ahead, the show is going in a completely different direction then what we are used to. While the first 2 seasons were focusing on what happened to Hannah Baker and something that others in high school have unfortunately gone through and can relate to, now the show is moving into more of a murder mystery feel. What made 13 Reasons Why special was that it opened a dialogue about real life things that were going on in the high school environment that were rarely talked about – that’s all changing.

Who killed Bryce Walker? That is the theme at the heart of the new batch of episodes, and the new trailer over at Netflix (watch here) makes a point to try to unpack this a little bit further. This is a different sort of crisis than anything that we’ve seen on the show before, and it turns 13 Reasons Why into something more akin to a murder mystery instead of something that many people can relate to. Whether or not this is good for the series remains to be seen — it’s going to be hard to shake some people out there from the thinking that 13 Reasons Why really should have ended back in season 2 and that since that time, the series is more or less spinning its wheels.

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Judging from the trailer, it feels as though the bulk of the attention at the moment is going to be geared around one person more than anyone else: Clay. Is Clay responsible for what happened? Clay had some motivations to go after Bryce, but that doesn’t mean that he could actually go through with something like this. He’s going to need to find some clever ways to explain this to the authorities, as he’s going to find a lot of eyeballs staring in his direction and he better go ahead and be prepared for that.

Let’s just hope that this new season delivers where the second season did not — coming up with a compelling narrative that pushes the story forward and allows it to still find a way to address real issues going on in the world today. The biggest concern that 13 Reasons Why should have is the idea that Euphoria is lapping it — one controversial season 1 scene aside (which they’ve removed from the show now), Euphoria seems to have the mantel now of TV’s most compelling/shocking teen drama.

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