Elementary series finale mystery: Why is Joan destroying the grave?

ElementaryThe Elementary series finale is coming on CBS this Thursday and there is already a major question we’re wondering. What is going on in regards to Joan Watson and that gravestone?

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If you don’t know what we’re talking about at the moment, consider the photo above to be evidence. We’re seeing this character take a sledgehammer to a gravestone and there are questions aplenty all about some of what is going on here.

One possibility is that the grave Joan is striking is Sherlock’s own grave, and this is something that she’s doing because she either doesn’t believe that he’s dead or that she knows that he’s not dead. Maybe she has some sort of elaborate plan with Sherlock where there is a clue to his true whereabouts buried within the gravestone and he recognizes that Joan is the only person who would be able to find it.

Or, maybe this gravestone belongs to someone else. Maybe this is a clue to a totally new mystery. Maybe it is related in some way to Moriarty coming back into the world of the show to some degree. We still don’t know if Natalie Dormer will be appearing herself as the character — there’s a good chance we’ll know within the opening moments of the finale! If we see Dormer in some “previously on” footage at the start of the episode, that’s a signal that she could be turning up. Maybe Joan and the gravestone is a clue towards that, or maybe it’s a red herring. Maybe all these possibilities are red herrings.

No matter what it is, let’s just hope that this moment involving Joan and the gravestone is epic, intriguing, and it sets the great stage for some other cool stuff coming up. We want this finale to be satisfying, and also a culmination for the entire series to date.

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