Suits season 9 episode 5: Patrick J. Adams on Mike’s return

Suits season 9As we prepare for Suits season 9 episode 5 tomorrow on USA, there is so much to look forward to — but it really all comes down to Mike Ross. How could it not? We’re talking about one of the show’s most-popular cast members and someone who anchored the early part of the show. Without Mike’s arrival or his relationship with Harvey, what would this story be? He’s the original grenade that went off in the firm, and it remains remarkable that Mike went from being a fake attorney in the early going to eventually finding his own successful career — even if it has come about on the other side of the country in Seattle. Mike has found a place and there’s an element of beauty with that.

So what more can you expect with Mike being back in the Suits world? Well, for starters, just be prepared for a guy who has found some solid footing in his life and is thrilled with where he is at. Speaking on that subject further via ET Online, Patrick J. Adams had the following to say on the subject:

When he comes back, Mike has, more than ever, found his place in the world. He’s really happy in Seattle. I think he’s killing it. I think him and Rachel are having a great time. It sounds like he’s found that perfect balance between the corporate world and taking big cases and things that really challenge him and sharpened his game, but also working for people that need it and doing right by people and finding cases where he can protect people who have no one else to protect them. It sounds to me, from what I’ve been reading in the script, he’s really found that sweet spot. He’s very confident. He’s ready to come back into this world and take Harvey head on and have a blast doing it. It’s not a hard leap for me. I get to come back and be what I am, which is be excited, be happy and also be a little competitive and try to one up Harvey.

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Based on some of what we’ve told you already, the Mike/Harvey dynamic is going to be ratcheted up another level moving into Wednesday night, mostly due to the fact that they will be temporary rivals. They’re working on the opposite sides of a case and while there will be some friendliness there, also be prepared for some drama.

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