Suits season 9 episode 5 video: The parameters for Mike, Harvey battle

Suits season 9If you hadn’t heard already, Patrick J. Adams is returning for Suits season 9 episode 5 on Wednesday … but it won’t be all smiles. There is going to be a conflict buried somewhere within, but it’s a little bit more complicated than it would appear on first glance. It’s not about Mike just trying to show off to Harvey and showing how good of a lawyer he is now; he wants to fight for what he believes in and Harvey is standing in his way. So is Samantha, who finds herself at times in the unfortunate position of mediator in this episode.

Yet, this conflict on Wednesday is not going to be the same sort of Suits showdown that we’ve seen before between lawyers on this show. Harvey and Mike aren’t out to end each other, and in the promo that we have for you below, they even set some parameters for what they’re willing to do and not do within the battle. They’re okay with doing and saying whatever they can to win, but nothing that will either get one of them disbarred or in prison. They’ve each dealt with plenty of problems in this sort of vein already.

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It’s not clear based on this promo how much Mike knows about what is going on at the firm right now, with Faye Richardson barging in and proclaiming herself to be managing partner for the time being until the ship’s in proper order. It feels like this is something that Harvey would’ve clued Mike in on given the friendship that the two have. It’s still something that would be prudent for Mike to know before any courtroom battle, just so that he could better understand what sort of difficult position Harvey is in. He’s spent most of his career trying to build this firm and now, he has basically no control over it.

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