Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Strategy talk, Nick’s trouble, & more

Nick MaccaroneThere’s a lot of stuff to get into within this Big Brother 21 live feed update, but let’s start with a quick summary of the vote. It’s between Kat and Cliff on the block right now and one of them will be evicted. That person, almost certainly, will be Kat.

There are a couple of different reasons for this. For starters, you have Cliff more or less having a deal with Analyse, Tommy, Christie, Nicole, and Nick moving forward within the game. Whether or not this group sticks together is something to wonder about but for now, he’s done what he needed to in order to earn some safety. He made the moves before Kat did and he’s got the advantage because of that.

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Tommy’s told Cliff already that he doesn’t need to go and solidify things with individual players, so he’s just going to chill out for a little while and not worry too much. Analyse has said that she’s worried about what Cliff could do at final six, but Christie was somewhat of a voice of reason today — she made it clear that eventually, people are going to take shots. That’s the point of the game and at some point, winning just becomes top priority.

Jackson even this afternoon made an attempt at having a conversation with Analyse, Tommy, and Christie, and is doing what he can to showcase a little bit of “loyalty.” This is him just trying to cover his own butt, and of course the others doing the same thing. Jackson will target Christie and the opposite is likely true as well.

And now, Nick

The first showmance of Big Brother to officially break up seems to be Nick and Bella, and ironically, Nick doesn’t even know it yet. We know that there were insecurities towards how Bella felt about Nick and Analyse in the game; that plus how often Nick talks about sex in the house probably made things too uncomfortable for her to continue the relationship. Check out her post on Twitter below.

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