The Affair season 5 promo: Who is Sasha Mann? Helen’s new connection

As we await The Affair season 5 premiering on Showtime on August 25 (just under two weeks!), there is a lot to be intrigued about. This is going to be a strange, experimental season. It’s one where there are relationships that need to be resolved and questions that need further examination.

Then, there are new arrivals who throw a wrench into everything. Sasha Mann is one of them.

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Who is this character? Claes Bang (star of the upcoming Dracula) is going to make his presence felt across the final season as a movie star, someone playing an important role in Noah’s new movie. In a lot of ways, he’s playing Noah … or at least his interpretation of Noah. This just so happens to be an interpretation of Noah that Helen finds more appealing than the actual one.

We kinda understand why Noah is going to be upset about the idea of Helen developing an interest in Sasha — she’s intrigued by an ideal version of Noah without any of the baggage that goes along with the actual one. It’s going to feel like a fantasy, a lie, and that’s not something that Noah can accept.

What’s also problematic about anything between Helen and Sasha is that in the early going this season, Vik could die. That’s not a spoiler given how he was dying at the end of season 4 and it didn’t seem like he could be cured. Also, in the promo below Vik’s mother chastises Helen, and we have to think it could be because of her decision to move forward in her life. If she and Sasha become romantically entangled and Sasha is a movie star, people will find out about it. That’s a part of the industry and that is something that could become a part of Helen’s story.

Will Helen and Noah find a way to be together despite all of this? That may be all dependent on if Noah can find redemption … and if Helen would want him even if he does.

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