Legion season 4: Could it ever happen on FX following finale?

Legion season 2Following tonight’s finale over on FX, is there a chance to see a Legion season 4 in some shape or form?

Before we dive any further here, we should go ahead and make one thing abundantly clear — tonight is set up to be the series finale of the show. After this installment airs, that’s it. There are no more plans for this universe to keep going or surprising. Is that the right move? That’s going to be up mostly to whoever you ask and also the appetite for a show this mind-bendy in the long-term.

In our mind, Legion is probably not the sort of show that could work if it was going on for some long period of time. The risk that you run with doing that is that you start to make people think that they’re being tossed around almost as though they’re in a drying machine, getting increasingly dizzy and burnt-out. This is a story that was planned with a shorter run in mind … and also probably Noah Hawley’s own individual schedule in mind, as well. This is a man who has balanced doing this show with also Fargo and also some movie work. Few people within the business of entertainment have found themselves equally as busy or occupied with so many different tasks all within a short period of time.

So rather than provide a Legion season 4 in the future (we don’t think that is happening), we almost prefer that FX opt for some more creative directions to further some of this story along. Think along the lines of some other X-Men oriented property for FX in the future, or something that could be tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? That is something definitely worth thinking about now — FX is now a part of the Walt Disney Television Group. It has an opportunity to tell some stories now with Marvel that it didn’t previously, and it can go a little bit darker and deeper than either ABC or the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, which is looking to produce at most PG-13 level content at launch. There are some opportunities to consider Marvel properties that aren’t being used elsewhere — we’re going to continue championing Moon Knight for the time being.

Do you want to see a Legion season 4, or another Marvel property at FX in the future?

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