How Bachelor in Paradise will handle Blake, Caelynn text message drama

Bachelor in Paradise season 5 premiere dateEntering its second week, Bachelor in Paradise finds themselves in both a weird and wholly unique situation. There are a lot of headlines at the moment circling around the show, but they have to do more with something separate from what’s happening onscreen. It’s more about Blake Horstmann making the decision to release text messages from his fellow co-star Caelynn Miller-Keyes, a way to clear his name from allegations that he “ghosted” and mistreated the Bachelor alum.

Blake’s decision to showcase these text messages on his Instagram has led to reactions all over the internet. Some claim that they understand his decision, as it may have been his only way to have his voice heard in an unfiltered way after Bachelor in Paradise presented Caelynn’s side on their relationship. However, others feel like Blake crossed a severe line that he can’t walk back and went too far with his response.

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Our feeling on it all at the moment is this — Blake got impetuous and impatient. He wanted his voice heard and wanted it heard now. That’s what he did more so than feeling like “this is my only option.” There is another option, and that is where all of this will be addressed further — at the reunion at the end of this season. If Chris Harrison was willing to give Jed Wyatt a platform to talk about his dating habits, Blake would get a chance to share his thoughts. If there are people who don’t believe him, that’s fine — some of those people wouldn’t believe him anyway.

Text messages are rarely the answer — unless you want tabloids. We just can’t say what Blake’s motives were other than proclaiming himself to be a different man that what the ABC series showed.

So while it may seem like tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise episode is dated, know this: All of this content will be discussed. You may just have to wait for a few more weeks.

How would you have handled this situation, if you were Blake?

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