‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: Is Dan Stevens done?

The latest tabloid story surrounding “Downton Abbey” has arrived, and on this occasion it revolves very much around the job status of someone who we have come to love on the show very much over the years: Dan Stevens, who plays the always fantastic character of Matthew Crawley (who married his true love Mary early this season). We don’t know how much stock you should really put in what is being said here, but it is worth saying still, anyway.

According to the Telegraph, the actor has supposedly passed on a contract to appear on a fourth season of the ITV show (which airs in America on PBS), with the reason being that he wants to puruse more career opportunities in America. In many ways, we always understand the allure to do other things, and there’s little questioning these days that there is an insurgence of British actors landing roles in Hollywood films and television shows.

With that in mind, we are still a tad skeptical about this report for one reason and one reason only: why would you ever want to leave this show? “Downton Abbey” is clearly one of the finest products on television, regardless of where it is made, and it is extremely popular in America in addition to the massive ratings it draws overseas. Plus, the series shoots relatively short seasons, which allows the actors plenty of opportunities to pursue other work throughout the year while still keeping a high profile by playing some of their signature characters here.

Ultimately, the real indicator of Stevens’ future will come a little later this season, as we start to figure out just what happens to Matthew now that he is helping to run the residence.

What do you think about these claims? If you want to read more concerning what to expect from Sunday’s episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ITV

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