Outlander season 5: The latest casting discussion!

Outlander season 4Outlander season 5 has seemingly cast their latest character (or characters) … but who could it be? more discussion on that is within this piece!

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In a new post on Facebook, KRM Management reveals that Matthew and Andrew, at just three years old, are joining the Starz series in an undisclosed role. Just looking from the boys’ photo on the aforementioned Facebook page, it’s clear that the two are twins … which means that that they are likely trading places as the same character. This is a trick that we often see productions do to ensure that they don’t overwork one young actor like we say with the Olsen twins on Full House. Also, at an early age one of the kids may take to performing more than the other. There is an element of unpredictability that goes along with casting young children.

So who could the boys be playing? The easiest guess would be to say that they could be playing one version of Jemmy. (We’d heard earlier this year that Brianna and Roger’s son would be aged up slightly during the season — at three years old, Matthew and Andrew could be playing the older version.) Yet, it’s best to not draw any assumptions just yet! Outlander will at some point announce many of their castings in an official capacity — or at least they will with the adult actors. Because we’re dealing with young kids in this case, there’s no guarantee that an official announcement will be made.

The main takeaway from this announcement is that Outlander is going to continue to emphasize family moving into season 5. Regardless of if Matthew and Andrew are playing the part of Jemmy, we will see Fraser’s Ridge grow and expand. We know that there is an eagerness to show what Jamie and Claire’s home looks like as a full-blown community. Also, the larger it gets, the more that it could be used as a site for drama. Remember what Governor Tryon wants from Jamie and the consequences that could come if he does not comply. We want to believe his family will be okay, but there could be other consequences.

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