Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Analyse’s chicken task; campaigns

Analyse TalaveraIt’s the morning of day 54 within the Big Brother 21 house and things could prove interesting. If nothing else, we’ve got a chicken coop outside!

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Earlier today, the second phase of Analyse’s punishment began. What is she being forced to do here? In addition to wearing her chicken costume, she’s in a position here where she needs to “lay eggs” when she’s outside in the chicken coop. On the other side of doing that, she also needs to make various types of eggs for the other houseguests, and be in character at times during parts of the task. It’s silly and pretty dumb, but a lot of Big Brother punishments are. Sometimes, you have to just throw these out there for the sake of some entertainment.

While Analyse is laying some eggs, Cliff is doing what he can to figure out his place within the game. He wants to find a way to stick around if he can, and that’s why he had a conversation with Tommy. Rather than trying to throw Kat under the bus or suggest a different replacement nominee, he tried to make a deal. Because of the deal that Cliff made with Christie back when he was Head of Household, there’s a certain degree of loyalty that he has shown himself to have.

Of course, the funny thing is that Tommy wanted to keep Cliff anyway — a deal just sweetens the pot to help incentivize it. The question we wonder is how far Tommy would go with this — would he try to also ensure the safety of some of his allies? Because of Cliff’s reluctance to go against his own sense of honor, we wonder if he’d be okay with doing that or if Tommy would even ask for it.

For now, though, Cliff’s strategy seems to be deal-making, and appealing to Tommy’s paranoia about the declining number of guys still in the game.

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