Is Jack Kesy leaving Claws, role of Roller after season 3 finale?

Jack KesyFollowing tonight’s Claws season 3 finale, there’s one major question to wonder above all others: Is Jack Kesy leaving? Is Roller gone for good?

We imagine that if we were to find some good news within the stories that were told over the course of this finale, it is that Roller survived — heck, most of Desna and her crew did! The problem, however, is that Roller is not going to be able to stick around Palmetto. The police are after him after Toby ratted him out to the cops and because of that, he wanted to sacrifice himself for the sake of saving Desna. He confessed to the crime of murder, and was prepared to go away for a good while because of it.

Yet, Desna, Uncle Daddy, and others all teamed up in order to free Roller in the closing minutes and from there, Desna did what she could in order to ensure that he took off to Cuba. We’re presuming that he makes it there and has a chance to start over, and she’s claiming that she will come for him the moment that it’s okay for her to do so. (We’ll see if that ends up happening.)

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We have a hard time imagining that this is the end for Jack Kesy on Claws, given that Roller is such a dynamic character who factors into so much of the universe. The problem the writers may be running into here is the simple fact that it’s hard to feature characters in a state of almost-perpetual happiness. Something is going to happen to cause them to splinter off at some point, and we may be seeing here a manifestation of it.

As for the rest of the finale … the casino is in ruins! Ann and Joe worked together in order to burn it to the ground, seemingly killing the Professor Benedict and also freeing both of them from the pains of their past. Joe no longer has to worry about being a mole for the triads; meanwhile, Ann can breathe a little easier knowing that the person responsible for Arlene’s death is gone. This is the destruction of Desna’s dream in part, but to Ann, it was necessarily. Desna flew too close to the sun and she manipulated her friends along the way; this is the consequence that she has.

For a lot of the supporting characters, nothing about the future is 100% secure. Virginia needs some time to sort through her feelings, putting her future with Dean in a relative state of peril. Meanwhile, Polly went back to Ken after deciding that she couldn’t be a with a married Joe. The world of Claws remains chaotic for everyone involved in it, and while we don’t think there was a cliffhanger as epic this time as there was in season 2, it still sets the stage for what’s next in some interesting ways.

CarterMatt Verdict

We would say that the Claws season 3 finale did a great job of creating a lot of drama, though we’re not quite sure that it’s ever going to be possible for Roller to come back. Also, we do think that Jenn’s story got completely abandoned near the end of the season. This show really needs an episode or two more in its run to maximize its value, but everything that it brought to the table this time around was nonetheless entertaining and then some.

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What did you think about the Claws finale; do you think Jack Kesy is leaving?

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