Ink Master season 12 episode 10 video: The design swap challenge

Ink MasterIf you’re curious about what’s coming on Ink Master season 12 episode 10, let’s just say that a design swap is at the center of it.

In the video below, you can get a good sense of what’s coming at the start of Tuesday’s episode. The remaining contestants are all going to draw a design, and then someone from the other team will potentially end up tattooing it. Yet, you will also be judged for your design, so the goal is to make it complicated but also good — something that can be a beautiful image, but also something that could trip up some of your competitors. That’s a hard thing to manage.

Just based on some of the reactions that are in this preview, the women feel like their overall designs are better — we’ll at least say that there are more interesting at large. Take, for example, Alexis deciding to draw a sandwich of all things. (Was she hungry the day of the challenge?) Meanwhile, Laura’s robot design is awesome and it’s a pretty clear reminder of why she is a favorite in this competition. It shouldn’t be a shock that Creepy Jason decided to do Laura”s image, given that both of them are on similar creative wavelengths.

There’s only one design that doesn’t end up being picked here — Dani’s. why is that? She’s worried that it’s because it’s not good and nobody wanted to do it; we think it’s because she made it purposefully to trip people up and nobody wanted to bother giving it a whirl. We definitely understand where some of the artists are coming from in that regard — they don’t want to stake their future in the competition on something that they are unsure of.

Based on how the majority of Ink Master sneak peeks are from the start of a given episode, consider that evidence that the challenge we’ve got here is just the beginning of whatever the judges have planned for the episode as a whole.

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