Claws season 3 finale video: Is there an epic betrayal coming?

ClawsBrace yourselves — on Sunday night, the Claws season 3 finale is going to arrive on TNT … and all indications suggest that it’s going to be epic.

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How much so? Take a look at the new promo below via the network, one that hints at a lot of conflict between multiple characters and hints that a major betrayal is coming. Who could be at the center of it? A reasonable guess at the moment is Roller, given that Toby sold him out to the cops at the end of last week’s episode. Yet, can you really tease a big betrayal when we’ve already seen that betrayal? There could be someone else who puts Desna and her crew in trouble.

It’s also clear at the moment that the biggest threat for everyone at the nail salon is the Professor — he’s the representative for the triads we’ve come to see and he’s someone who is incredibly dangerous. Technically, he shouldn’t have too big of an ax to grind with Desna. After all, she’s done what he wanted in making sure that Melba is out of the picture — though Desna didn’t kill her. Does that matter to him? It might, mostly because he could view this as an opportunity to get under Desna’s skin and ensure that he gets what he wants. That may include him continuing to want to use her … and it may make Desna start to think that she is in a little bit over her head with this guy.

Throughout the finale, we could eventually see the story move in a direction where Desna determined that the only way to make her life better, or the lives of those close to her better, is to go away … far away. She may try to depart Palmetto altogether — remember, she said last week that she wished none of this ever happened. She’s not your typical kingpin in that way; she may have liked the power, but not so much the cost.

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