The Rookie season 2: How Afton Williamson’s Bishop will be written out

As we prepare for The Rookie season 2 to premiere on ABC, it’s clear already of one thing that will be very different. We’re entering a batch of episodes following some controversial headlines this summer — Afton Williamson is leaving the show of her own accord, following allegations of on-set harassment by a cast member and assault by a crew member. She also chastises the show leadership for their lack of effort to address her concerns, including going so far as to say that there was not even an active investigation open at the time of a meeting earlier this summer.

So while it’s clear at the moment that Bishop is not returning, what you’re left to wonder then is simply this: What’s going to happen to Bishop? The character is separate from what’s going on with anything in the real world, so we don’t want to see anything terrible happen to her … but it doesn’t seem like anything will.

Speaking via TVLine, executive producer Alexi Hawley claims (in an interview recently posted, but done prior to Williamson’s comments) that much of Bishop’s exit will be tied to a reprimand she received near the end of season 1. Back when she applied for the police academy, she did not disclose that her foster brother was a felon. There’s a ripple effect that comes with that, and it leads to her taking an opportunity elsewhere:

“She was never going to get a fair shake at the LAPD. So ultimately she’s transferring over to a federal agency … There she can start with a clean slate and hopefully rocket to the top of the ladder.”

Hawley claims that the exit for the Bishop character is organic, but we don’t think anything on the show is going to take away what’s going on in the real world. The headlines surrounding Afton’s exit are going to overshadow everything. There are a lot of questions that many viewers and media members alike still want answers to, and no one on the show has spoken publicly since Afton’s statement. ABC executives have, but noted that they needed the process to play out before they commented further.

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