Elementary season 7 episode 12 preview: The scene of Morland’s crime

Elementary season 7 episode 12Entering Elementary season 7 episode 12 tonight on CBS, it should be clear already that Sherlock Holmes is going to struggle. He may not process emotions the same way as most, but he’s dealing with something now that is difficult for anyone to digest — the death of a relative.

If you recall, at the end of this past episode Sherlock was forced to mourn his father Morland, who was killed off amidst a battle between Holmes and Odin Reichenbach. It doesn’t take much in the way of detective skills to determine that Odin is responsible for some of what transpired. Through this episode, revenge will be a top priority … but there are some other issues to take on first. That includes an examination of the scene of the crime.

In the video below, you can get a good sense of some of what is going on as Sherlock and Joan arrive at the scene and Bell cautions him over what lies ahead. We do think that Sherlock hears him, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to shy away from seeing what is in front of him. He needs to understand the truth, and also how widespread Odin’s metaphorical army seems to be. This is probably why one of the things he does of note in the sneak preview (CarterMatt has that for you to watch below) is the presence of some people who may be watching Sherlock around the crime scene. There’s an uneasiness around that and it’s a reminder that time is of the essence.

Over the course of tonight’s episode and then also the series finale next, be prepare for an epic showdown with Odin on one side and then Sherlock on the other. There is also still another force bubbling underneath the surface in Moriarty. Somehow, this character will find herself roped into the endgame of this story. It’s not confirmed that Natalie Dormer will be a part of the story in the flesh, but at least the character will be mentioned or referenced, at the very least. Prepare for something epic and, beyond that, prepare for something that should harken back to the earlier days of Elementary and how this complicated detective show first began.

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