Community movie: Joe and Anthony Russo coy on future possibilities

Community -Earlier this summer, Joe and Anthony Russo hyped up their San Diego Comic-Con panel by using the music from Community … but there was no clear mention of a possible movie at said panel. Suffice it to say, this was disappointing to a ton of people out there.

Well, at least now we know that the Russo Brothers (who were very involved in the series behind the scenes as directors/executive producers) are eager to try and make something happen with it. Speaking in a new Reddit AMA (mostly about all things Marvel), Joe said the following about the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie movement, and the desire to get something more greenlit to finish off the show’s long-destined run:

It would be really tragic if we couldn’t complete the “…and a movie” part of that hashtag. So one would hope…

That’s not confirmation of anything, but we think there is obviously a lot of interest. Most of the core cast of the show seems to be eager to come back and tell a few more stories. The #1 issue is just scheduling them all. The cast have all been balancing multiple projects for some time now, and a lot of them don’t give them time off simultaneously. Donald Glover is the biggest question mark, given that he departed before the end and he hasn’t spoken out all that much about whether or not he’d be interested in coming back as of late. We’d like for him to be a part of it, and the same goes for some other people like Keith David and Paget Brewster who were around close to the end of the run.

Also, can we throw in there John Oliver one more time as Ian Duncan? He was a key recurring player in the early going and his character was one of the biggest entry points into the show. Community was imaginative, weird, chaotic, and it’s still shocking it even got its six seasons given how it constantly pushed the envelope and wasn’t afraid to do some super-weird stuff. We don’t want to say goodbye to it yet … at least give us a movie first so that the study group can get back together. (Granted, we have no idea what they would even study at this point.)

Are you still hoping to see a Community movie happen?

Be sure to share in the comments below, and we’ll have more news on this subject the moment that it comes out. (Photo: Yahoo.)

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