Yellowstone season 2 episode 7 review: A story about Beth and brutality

YellowstoneTonight, Yellowstone season 2 episode 7 offered up an episode that proved to be about pain, heartache, and … romance? Well, we don’t know if “romance” is the right way to put it, but there was a lot of different stuff going on from start to finish tonight.

Good news comes for fans of Kayce and Monica as it’s clear that the two characters are now back towards trying to have a future together — and as a part of the ranch, no less. Tate’s even interested in getting his own horse! There’s a sense of settling in here and a sense of family … but there is also a sense of family. There is a concern for John Dutton that he may not have done things right for much of his life when it comes to Jamie.

Jamie, earlier on in the episode, tried to take his own life. We don’t know how this could be interpreted a surprise, given what we saw over the course of the story tonight. Beth went to him and basically said, verbatim, that he should go ahead and do it. After he didn’t kill himself and John tried to push him to be better, she still claimed that she wanted it to happen. Jamie is that person who is broken beyond the point of recognition. He’s also a murderer, and it’s that act that makes it hard to have a lot of sympathy for him.

The parallels between Tate and Jamie here were clear. Through Tate, maybe John has the opportunity to be a father in a way in which he wasn’t to Jamie … or how he wishes that he was a father, at least. He wishes that he never had Jamie go off to school in the first place.

As brutal as some of the stuff with Jamie was, it was far from the only notable moment in the episode. Take, for example, the chaos and the violence that we saw in Beth’s office near the end of the episode. What happened there was one of the most gruesome sequences that we’ve seen, and also clearly the end result of her trying to do whatever she can in

On a better note for Beth, her relationship with Rip seems to be moving in a romantic direction … or at least that’s what it looks like right now. As for whether or not the relationship keeps moving in the right direction, we’ll have to wait and see on that. He did end up freeing Beth from the clutches of those goons who were there to ruin her. He told her he loved her, and maybe that is just the slightest thing to comfort her in this horrible time. Malcolm Beck is clearly a guy who means business, and maybe that is the message of it all — after all of this, we can’t help but loathe him even more than we did going into the episode.

CarterMatt Verdict

Yellowstone season 2 episode 7 was one of the most painful episodes of the entire series. We don’t know how else to describe that. It’s also one of the most brutal performances from Kelly Reilly that we’ve seen through two seasons. This set the stage for some violent and dangerous storytelling in the final few episodes this season. There was romance, but it’s hard to focus on it in the midst of everything else.

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