‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Andrew Lincoln on dark times for Rick, Lori

While we have spent a great deal of time lately talking about “The Walking Dead” lately in the context of such new characters as Mihconne and The Governor, we feel as though we would be doing the show a massive disservice were we to also not mention some of the people who have played an enormous role on the show since the very beginning … especially when it comes to the downfall of their relationship over time.

So is there really any hope at all for Rick and Lori to turn things around after everything that they have been through? Based on some of the new comments Andrew Lincoln is making as a part of a new interview with TV Guide at the moment, we have to say that while there are some horrible moments here and there, the situation that they are in is really the glue that is keeping the two of them together:

“They are their first loves. They’re almost at a cellular level. They love each other and they can’t help that. Even though they’re broken, they’re the last memory that they have of their life before. In any other circumstances, of course, they’d draw up the papers and leave each other. But they have a child who’s turning into a soldier because he has to, otherwise, he dies. He turns into Sophia. The pressure is ridiculous on this couple. I think they do a pretty damn good job of holding it together in this hell.”

Really, it is the relationship between these characters that separates “The Walking Dead” from just about every other sort of horror / suspense show on TV, and even if Rick and Lori do not stay together, just keeping them around each other is important just for the sake of keeping this story interesting.

Are you rooting for Rick and Lori in some sort of bizarre way?

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