Suits season 9 episode 4 review: Did Donna meet Harvey’s mom?


Tonight on Suits season 9 episode 4, we had a story that was about tremendous legal conflicts — but then also family. We’re surprised at just how endearing and emotional it got to be by the end of it.

If you’re a Darvey fan, this is the part of the season where you slowly start to melt into a puddle on the floor. The magic about this couple is how upfront they can be about their feelings and how instantly committed they are to making this work. There’s long been a sentiment that if they got together, they would be together for good. That was echoed through that closing scene where Harvey made it clear that he wanted to be with her forever, and that’s after telling his mom earlier in the episode that she was “the one.”

Then, there was the engagement talk — while Harvey knew he wanted to be with her, it seems like he didn’t quite consider the rest of it just yet! It feels like he hilariously tried to get away with proposing in the middle of a conversation but she wasn’t having it. All of this was played in a way that was quintessential Darvey, and it made the two of them getting to know each other’s families all the more important. Harvey had to work in this episode to win over Donna’s father after the two shared somewhat of a checkered past. Meanwhile, Donna inspired Harvey to tell his mother about their relationship in the first place. The episode concluded with Harvey’s mom talking to Donna on the phone; it was just so sweet and lovely, almost like a dessert you’ve been waiting to have for the entirety of the meal.

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All of this sweetness helps to offset what was a contentious episode elsewhere. Donna was threatened by Faye over her relationship with Harvey, with her claiming that so long as the two were together, there were going to be conflicts of interest with the vote. It felt like Donna was starting to take out some of her frustrations over this on the relationship that she and Harvey shared (as happens in real life relationships sometimes too even when we don’t mean to), but she was able to work her way out of that situation — with a little help from her friends. All of the name partners banded together against Faye and made it clear that they were a family — they put her in a position where she recognized that there was no real leverage and she had to allow everyone to keep her votes. Donna was a voice of reason here in noting that Faye wouldn’t be around forever and this wouldn’t be a permanent problem; yet, she shouldn’t have to lose a part of her voice at the firm or her sense of self just to please someone else.

It actually felt, strange as it may seem, like this episode was all about making Faye see that the firm was a family and that if she was going to be there, she had to accept that and play ball. She allowed Louis to get Gretchen back and gave them a little more ability to make some of their own decisions. This theme of family extended over to Samantha Wheeler and Alex Williams, as well — throughout the episode, she helped him avoid a horrible crisis when it comes to a cover-up from his past that was being threatened to be used against him. With Alex, Samantha is finding a family — something she’s never really had before.

CarterMatt Verdict

We’d definitely consider Suits season 9 episode 4 to be one of the season’s more entertaining episodes, as it brought you a lot of sentimental stuff alongside a measure of hope that the firm can get through the Faye Richardson crisis. We know that hope is something that isn’t always lasting in Suits, however, it’s better to not be overly excited about the prospects of everything working out just yet. All of the stories really worked this time, and unlike recent episodes, there wasn’t one that felt superfluous to the rest of the plot.

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