‘The X Factor’ notes: David Correy, Jillian Jensen, Melanie Amaro

Now that we actually know the contestants on this season of “The X Factor” pretty well, it is admittedly a little bit easier to actually talk a little bit about them than it once was; and for this Saturday edition of our show “notes” (which, for those of your new to the page, are bite-size stories on your favorite singers), we are starting off with a major revelation courtesy of top 16 member David Correy.

According to a new report from TMZ, a woman named Luciene Lima has come forward with some claims that she is the birth mother that Correy has been seeking to find for pretty much his entire career, and he even claimed that finding her was one of the reasons why he auditioned for this show to begin with. Lima, who lives in Brazil, had a suspicion that the tattoo-covered singer may have been her child after watching him alone, and she eventually traced it through the Brazilian court system and found out that most of the information lined up.

David and Luciene have been connected now thanks to the local media, and while no DNA test has been conducted yet, a source close to Correy says that he is thrilled. Now, let’s just hope that the results come back in his favor.

The wild card chatter begins – Before we start here, we should warn you that there are some spoilers for those of you who have not either watched the Canadian broadcast of the show, or found out who the top 16 is already courtesy of the link here.

What’s going on here? Well, one of the most surprising moves made during the judges’ houses was watching Jillian Jensen be sent home over CeCe Frey, and Jensen has since tweeted out a link to a Facebook page petitioning for a wild card to be added to the show this season. We do actually think that there is some validity to this idea, even if this page is not official. Why? With the way that the judges’ houses show was set up, we would not be surprised if the likes of Reed Deming, Jillian, Tara Simon, and whoever the last group is to be sent home from Simon Cowell are voted on by America, and the most-popular one joins the show. Based on followings alone, we’d have to put our money on Jillian here.

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