Outlander season 5 filming update: The challenge of Scottish summers

OutlanderWho’s ready for another Outlander season 5 filming update? Well, this one is fairly simple, and it revolves around one thing: Rain. It’s everywhere in Scotland, especially this time of year, and that adds to the challenge of production.

For the latest update on the state of things overseas, just take a look at the latest post from Tim Downie (Governor Tryon) on Twitter. He gives you a sense of the cloudy skies and jokes that it’s a “lovely day” for filming.

This isn’t the first time that Outlander has found itself stuck dealing with some less-than-fortunate weather. After all, we’ve previously seen Caitriona Balfe share a video of herself stuck within a tent while the rain pours down outside. Let’s have a little bit of honesty here — the cast does film in the rain sometimes. After all, it looks great when you can put it on film! We do feel for the costume department who has to upkeep the wardrobe after these long days, but it makes absolute sense to capture the characters in the elements. Jamie and Claire would have been forced to endure plenty of this in 18th-century North Carolina.

Now that we’ve said that, we also have to recognize that there is a pretty clear difference between filming in the rain and filming in a downpour. We’re not there yet in the video that Downie shared, but we could be before long.

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Does the rain delay production?

At times, sure — but it would be foolish to assume that the crew wasn’t prepared for this in advance. There is a certain awareness going into filming as to what they could be forced to deal with over the course of a few months and they plan accordingly. Starz has already confirmed that season 5 is premiering in early 2020 and that was always the plan. With that, there have been no delays or any behind-the-scenes issues plaguing production. We know that there’s been talk about that because of the weather and the cast doing other things during production, but their schedules are organized in a way where they have a little bit of space here and there for bump in the road because there are always bumps in the road with any production.

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