‘The Amazing Race 21’ preview: Swarms in Bangladesh

There are certain episodes of “The Amazing Race” that we feel are thoroughly entertaining to watch from the standpoint of envy, as we want desperate to be in that country taking in the same sort of sights and challenges that they are. However, we are not entirely sure that we feel the same way about what we are going to be seeing for Sunday night’s new installment.

What’s the issue here? Let’s just say that if you hate crowds, then one of the last places you ever want to visit is the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is one of the most densely-populated cities and countries in the world, and it also doesn’t help that it is also extremely hot, extremely humid, and the odds are not that high that you are going to run into that many people who speak English.

Sadly, we do not know at the moment just what exactly is really going to be happening during this episode, as this promo does not really show off much of anything save for the quote of Rob & Kelley again claiming that some driver is going to cost them a million dollars … which we really find to be a rather presumptuous thing to say considering that there are still so many other legs that they would have to win before they even make it to the finale. Do we sort of get where they are coming from, though? Definitely, if for no other reason than that drivers have unfortunately played a huge role in the eliminations of Amy & Daniel along with Caitlin & Brittany, who to be honest did not deserve to go home based on their respective skill in the actual race.

Are you excited to see this leg in Dhaka, and are there any teams that you are rooting for in particular?

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