ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: Amanda’s invitation, Emily’s opportunity

Now that Emily Thorne knows that he mother is actually alive, her focus is going to shift on Sunday night’s new episode of “Revenge” to something rather new for her: trying to get her to come out in the open. Of course, she may need a little help from Victoria (the only person who apparently knows she is alive at the moment) in order to make that happen.

In the preview clips below, you can see just what sort of plan that Emily has hatched in order to make her mission come to fruition. First, she convinced Amanda to get herself in a situation so that a journal could be deposited into the hands of the Grayson family matriarch … and this actually ended up happening rather easily, as Victoria called Amanda up and invited her to an event at her house. What happens after that seems to be a bit more of a mystery, as Amanda arrives with a score of women in tow from her “occupation” while Emily shows up without really even being invited.

Do we think that this plan is fully going to work? At the moment, we are still somewhat skeptical given the fact that Victoria is rarely someone who is duped easily. Plus, she has carefully protected the fact that this woman is alive for some time, so you have to ask yourself a pretty valuable question in the process: why? With this show, there’s always more to the picture beyond what we already have the opportunity to know.

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