Sci-Fi Character Battle: Lucifer Morningstar, Ryn Fisher, Sam Winchester, The OA, Naomi Nagata, and Crowley

Welcome to the Sci-Fi Character Battle, a new CarterMatt Feature for the month of August! Over the past several years, sci-fi is a genre that has become so diverse and also so fantastic. You’ve got shows about space travel, zombies, time-travel, angels, demons, mermaids, artificial intelligence, and a whole lot more! Within this series, we’re going to do our part to spotlight many of the best characters within the genre … and then ask which ones you like the best.

Below, you can see the second batch of six characters (out of 24) we’re spotlighting in Round One of the polling tournament! We’ll be posting the next 18 throughout the next few days. We’ll be sharing what makes each character special and then there is a poll for you to vote for your favorite! Two characters will move on to round two.

Voting Rules – Voting will remain open until Monday, August 12 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time; the advancing characters will move on two round 2, which will begin later that same day. You can vote however often you’d like; for more technical information if you’re having issues, check out the bottom of this article.

Crowley, Good Omens – Wasn’t Good Omens one of the most entertaining shows of 2019 to date? There may not be another season of this show, but you have to love what David Tennant brought to the table as this character — someone with zeal, seduction, charm, and a firecracker relationship with Aziraphale. Stories about heaven and hell are becoming en vogue, but few characters have found the popularity he has in such a short span of time.

Ryn Fisher, Siren -What we’ve got in Ryn is a character with a lot of mythology behind her as mermaids do. She’s someone who has just started to find her way on land, but she’s also someone with unparalleled knowledge of the sea. She learns, and yet characters like Ben and Maddie learn from her about the dangers of the world — and of a new way to love.

Prairie Johnson / The OA, The OA – As anyone who has watched the Netflix series knows, this character is so much more than just the woman who turned up after years of being missing. She’s the main driving force of the story and a character who exudes mystery and raises key questions about consciousness and identity. Do we even have to remind you how sad we are over the show’s cancellation?

Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer – The idea of Lucifer from the get-go had potential for all sorts of cheeky fun — a chance to watch the devil try to stop other bad people from committing crimes. In the wrong hands, maybe it wouldn’t have worked. Yet, there is something magical about the complexity that Tom Ellis’ Lucifer has. He is sly, humorous, but also heartfelt and caring. He’s changing, which is always great for a character in this vein.

Naomi Nagata, The Expanse – Aren’t the engineers always one of the most-underrated characters on space travel shows? The Expanse does its best to make the most of Naomi, highlighting her abilities, her education, and also her underdog status. Her perspective on war and conflict has also made her into a great stabilizing presence on the series, and a different perspective when the going gets tough.

Sam Winchester, Supernatural – We don’t know how you can sum up Sam in just a matter of sentences. We’re talking about one of the most iconic characters in the history of the genre! He’s a shrewd hunter, a caring brother, and someone who has willingly sacrificed any hope at a normal life in pursuit of something that is so much bigger and bolder than himself.

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