Blue Bloods season 10 premiere title: What could it mean?

Blue Bloods season 10

The Blue Bloods season 10 premiere is coming on CBS later this September and we know that it’s going to be a celebration. How could it not be? We’re talking about the 200th episode! It’s a huge milestone and a chance to both celebrate the past while looking towards the future.

Every good episode of Blue Bloods needs an intriguing title, and here is the one for the premiere: “The Real Deal.” What does that mean within the context of the show? It may just be a reference to the NYPD themselves or the Reagan family — they are, after all, the real deal! They get the job done and they’re not afraid to take on difficult situations whenever they are confronted with them. This could be so simple as a reference to that, but it may also be connected to a case or an issue regarding identity. We could picture in our head an imposter showing up and stealing something valuable in a case that the NYPD is investigating. This person claimed that they are the “real deal” and now, they’re gone.

No matter what happens within this episode (which is written by Siobhan Byrne O’Connor and Kevin Wade), we have a feeling that it will be very much what a lot of diehard Blue Bloods fans would be hoping for. We’ll get an update on Jamie and Eddie as newlyweds but, on the other side of that, also some big cases for Danny, Erin, and a number of other core characters within the world of the series. This show will continue to bounce around and give a lot of characters a big moment in the sun.

On the other side of the 200th episode, rest assured that there plenty of other great cases to come. There are no plans for this episode, or this season, to be anywhere near the end of the road.

What do you want to see on the Blue Bloods season 10 premiere title?

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