Blue Bloods season 10: Four character pairings to explore

Blue Bloods season 10

As we approach Blue Bloods season 10, there’s no question that these new episodes allow for an opportunity to explore all sorts of stories that are different from anything that we’ve had a chance to see before. The question that goes along with this, of course, is this — what sort of stories could they be? We hope the writers look on the other side of the 200th episode to exploring different dynamics and pairings that we don’t get to see all that often. With that in mind, we’ve got four different idea for you below! These could be fun, creative storylines that allows characters to show off new parts of themselves.

1. Danny and Eddie – What happens when you throw two extremely strong-willed characters into the same place, and have them partner up on an investigation? This could lead to some really good action-packed storytelling, and we hope that it’s also paired with seeing Baez and Jamie getting to commentate on it from afar. Plus, why not give Danny and Eddie a chance to get to know each other better?

2. Frank and Anthony – We’ve seen Erin and Frank clash often over the past year or so, but what about Erin’s closest ally? He’s so different personality-wise from Frank that seeing the two work together could be an exercise in producing conflict. Also, we’re all for an opportunity to see a totally different side of Anthony than anything that we’ve had a chance to see before. Would his attitude change around Frank? Probably not, but seeing how Frank responds to him as opposed to Erin could be a tale of different, interesting extremes.

3. Baker and Nicky – In a lot of ways, we’d be game for Baker to spend time with anyone beyond just Frank and his inner circle, but this one could be fun since it would offer Nicky a chance to have a mentor figure who is outside of her family, but also knows her grandfather in a way that is very separate from how Nicky sees her. Plus, through this you could actually get a chance to know more about both characters, which could be welcome since they often are only featured a couple of times a season.

4. Erin and Henry – What if Erin takes on a case that has ties to ones Henry was familiar with way back when? Legally, trying to find tangible, viable connections could prove difficult — but we’d love to see the show explore that a little bit more. Like Nicky or Baker, Henry doesn’t get a lot of screen time in general, let alone with his granddaughter other than at the dinner table.

What sort of Blue Bloods pairings do you want for season 10?

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