NCIS season 17: Should a Cote de Pablo – Ziva flashback hour happen?

ZivaIs it possible that NCIS season 17 could consider doing some sort of big Ziva flashback episode? Within this article, we want to dive into this idea — but then also whether or not it’s something that the series would actually look it.

Let’s start things off with a reminder: There are no evident signs that this is something that CBS is considering. So far as we know, Cote de Pablo is appearing in the premiere and premiere only, and there is no evidence that they are planning something in this vein. The premiere is addressing more of what’s going on with Gibbs in the present, but we like to think there would be a perfect occasion later this fall (think November) to dive more into Ziva’s past. Where has she been? How much does Tony know? These are questions that could be teased at some point in the premiere, but they do merit more attention than just that.

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Here’s our idea — bring Ziva back for a continuation of the premiere story, one where the threat coming after Gibbs has a significant tie to her past. Show her working alongside Gibbs and the rest of the team, but then in the process, show her in flashbacks trying to survive in the years following her supposed death. It would give us context, great material for Cote, and more closure to longtime fans who have so many questions right now.

We do think that there is a way that you could even expand this beyond just a single episode, if you really wanted to — this idea could almost work as a backdoor pilot to a Ziva limited series of sorts. We think that there’s potential for a JAG revival in a similar format, but why not also an NCIS: Ziva? Think eight or so episodes in the summer that traces her missions and secret operations. You could pair it with a JAG revival to boost both shows up and, in the summer, the ratings expectations wouldn’t be huge. With smaller casts, they could also be a little less expensive to make.

In general, we’re surprised that CBS hasn’t done more to give their franchise shows like this a boost — because NCIS is still going strong sixteen seasons in, there’s no reason to think a limited series in this vein would cause burnout. Based on how long Ziva has been gone plus also the separation from her family, there is absolutely enough material for it.

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