Elementary season 7 episode 12 promo: Will Sherlock murder Odin?

Elementary season 7 episode 12As we prepare for Elementary season 7 episode 12 to arrive on CBS this Thursday, should we also prepare for Sherlock to become a killer? Typically on this series, you see him alongside Watson work in order to investigate some of the most horrific crimes out there in the world. However, within this upcoming episode, the situation is a little bit different. Sherlock is going to be working with vengeance in mind following the events of this past episode.

If you recall, season 7 episode 11 brought us the murder of one Morland Holmes, Sherlock’s father, with Odin Reichenbach being the responsible party for it. While Odin may not have pulled the trigger himself, Sherlock is smart enough to put two and two together. He recognizes just how savvy Odin is and how hard he will work in order to ensure that he gets everything that he wants at any given moment — including the murder of someone who he feels can take down his empire. Sherlock’s motivation to stop him will be at an all-time high, but he needs to think hard about how he wants to stop him.

Murdering Odin Reichenbach at this point accomplishes little — it allows him to be seen more as a martyr since you know that there is a way those within his sphere will try to spin it. You can’t just cut off the metaphorical head of the snake here and hope that everyone is going to disperse. You have to find a way to break the whole machine down. You need to fight for justice and you need to ensure that there’s no way that anything can continue to press forward as it once did. If you do all of these things, there is a chance you may achieve the desired result. If you don’t, then you are inevitably setting yourself up for more disappointment and failure later.

Sherlock is going to need to rely on Watson more than ever — she can be his moral compass, and she can be the one who stops anything horrific from coming to pass.

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