Agents of SHIELD season 7: Show exec on the new LMD twist

Agents of SHIELDAs we approach Agents of SHIELD season 7 in 2020, it’s clear that there are a couple of major changes within this world. For starters, many of our heroes are not in the same world at all! It seems like they’ve traveled back in time, there are questions aplenty regarding both Fitz and Deke’s future, and then there is also the status of Phil Coulson. Clark Gregg is returning again for the new season, but he’s not the same version of the character from the first five seasons. Meanwhile, he is also not Sarge. This is a version of Coulson at least close to the original Phil, though there could be slightly different rules to him now. He may operate in a very particular way.

In discussing some of this story a little bit further, and why we didn’t go the LMD Coulson right away, here is a little bit of what executive producer Jeff Bell had to say in a new interview with TVLine:

After the emotional end of Season 5, we didn’t feel like we could reboot him immediately as LMD Coulson. That’d be a terrible cheat. So we had a season of Sarge, whom we really enjoyed, and which also reminded us how much we love Coulson. When we had this new “Coulson 2.0,” I think we all went “Yea!” inside. We’re also curious about how he’s different from the Coulson we knew before.

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What we love about Coulson as a character is that he is someone who is loyal, commanding, knowledgeable, and character. With Sarge, there were too many constant questions about who he was and whether or not he could be fully trusted. Those questions aren’t going to be there as much with this Coulson … at least in some ways. The challenge is that the Sarge crisis may cause everyone to be more skeptical towards the LMD Coulson than they would’ve been otherwise.

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