‘Shark Tank’ review: Eco Nuts, Freaker USA, PRO-NRG, Cousins Maine Lobster

Do you want some lobster, and then a protein drink to wash it down with? Yes, that’s a pretty nasty-sounding combination, but this was just one part of what was a very entertaining episode of “Shark Tank.” There were no more sappy stories or product placement this week; instead, we just had some great products and some really funny quips from the sharks themselves.

Cousins Maine Lobster – Personally, we loved this business idea. Everyone loves Maine lobster, so who wouldn’t want to have some of it in Los Angeles? Food trucks are also super-popular right now, an this is the perfect food for the clientele it serves. The biggest problem with the product was simply the same sort of thing that we traditionally see from people on this show all of the time: they wanted way too much money for what their company was worth. Eventually, we do think that both the cousins and Barbara Corcoran got the best of both words: she received 15% of the company, and the boys got their $55,000 … even if it was three times what they were asking for.

Freaker USA – We actually really did the product here, and the way in which these stretchable bottle holders can fit a variety of products. What we don’t like? That the guy pitching here looked like one of those crazy people auditioning for “American Idol,” and he was irritating. Really irritating. He also valued his company at $2 million, even though it was really worth a quarter of that. We actually don’t think anyone would have invested even if the valuation was cut in half.

PRO-NRG – We’ve never really been one to drink a whole lot of energy drinks, especially those that contain protein in them. With that being said, we recognize that there is a great market with this, and she also has a fantastic endorser in NFL star Brandon Jacobs (from our episode preview), who was really rather great in talking about how the drink was popular in the locker room. Again, we had a case here of the business being evaluated way too high, especially when it comes to how little some of the sharks know about this space. Luckily, Daymond John was there to scoop it up, even if he did take a smaller investment.

Eco Nuts – The moment that this guy pulled a 90% share of the market out of a hat for hit “soap nut” business that serves as a replacement for laundry soap, we knew that this engaged couple was in trouble. Then, these two put their foots in their mouths time and time again courtesy of some jabs at Barbara and Robert Herjavec. They didn’t get any offers … except that Kevin O’Leary offered to officiate their wedding on the spot.

What was your favorite product this week? If you want to check out some more of the top products from “Shark Tank” this season, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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