Agents of SHIELD season 6 finale review: Is Phil Coulson back?

Agents of SHIELDDuring tonight’s Agents of SHIELD season 6 finale, we had a chance to see just about everything and then some. Think along the lines of Izel versus May, Sarge’s true persona taking over, but then eventually also one of the most awesome moments we’ve seen on the show in some time: We’re talking here about the death of Izel.

How Izel was eradicated from the world tonight started with Agent May, who was originally kicked out into another dimension by Sarge. Yet, she didn’t give up because she never gives up. She was able to fend off the demons there and then, after that, fend off Izel eventually. She was dying in the real world and it was only in that dimension where she thrived long enough to survive.

Yet, May survived long enough to make it back on the outside, impale Sarge, but then die shortly after that. it seemed as though she was going to perish for good. That changed eventually with the arrival of Simmons, who was prepared to help bring Melinda back to life and, soon after that, take charge in a way that she had not beforehand. She recognized that there were some other problems that SHIELD was going to have to deal with right away with the Chronicoms, who were ready to make Earth into a new home planet.

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As we neared the end of the finale, the entire crew of SHIELD found themselves transported somewhere new — right above a foggy New York City. Yet, the question we found ourselves wondering is when the team is rather than if. There is something going on here so far beyond just what we’re seeing on the surface. There’s some element of time travel given that this Simmons was far more robotic than the typical one that we’ve seen. she also proclaimed that she “can’t know” where Fitz is, let alone anything else.

The mystery surrounding season 7 truly began in the closing minutes of the finale, and in a most excellent way. We know that we’re getting set for some sort of Chronicom invasion storyline, and one where the knowledge of the past is being used in order to shape the future. Also, it’s one that may very well feature an LMD version of Phil Coulson. The closing seconds were this Coulson looking at the team and uttering a simple message: “Hey guys.”

CarterMatt Verdict

The version of Simmons that we saw may be from a different timeline, or at least impacted with an element of future tech. Regardless, this was a crazy, action-packed two hours that absolutely did a great job setting the stage for whatever season 7 will look like. For now, it feels like a chance for SHIELD to jump back to the past in order to take on the future.

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