Is Ming-Na Wen leaving Agents of SHIELD after season 6 finale?

Agents of SHIELDIs Ming-Na Wen leaving Agents of SHIELD following the events of the penultimate episode of season 6? As we approached the end of the first hour of the finale, the story definitely was sending us in that direction … and it’s all thanks to Sarge.

For most of the past couple of episodes, the writers have done their part in order to make us believe in the idea that Phil Coulson may exist somewhere within the heart of Sarge — that there was good in him amidst what else he actually was. Unfortunately, May’s belief in particular that Sarge was good ended up being what cost her. He betrayed her close to the end of the first episode, before eventually impaling her and then sending her through a portal. He felt a feeling within him that he had never felt before in love, and while it felt at first like that could be a strength, he eventually went the other way with it. He determined instead that love was weakness and he was ready to move forward into whatever the next phase of the story was.

We were immensely concerned that we’d lose May here just because of the way in which it happened — also, with us so close to the end of the story, it only made sense for the show to deliver some big, horrific shocker. Losing May could be that very thing … but we still had hope. After all, it happened at a point in the story where there was still another hour to go.

A few minutes into the second episode tonight, there was a glimmer of hope(?) for May as she found three hooded figures approaching her body. These turned out to be three who could end up altering the world as they knew it, and these were the three who were a part of Izel’s grand, super-sinister plan.

As the episode went along, May eventually had her chance to square off with Izel within her alternate dimension — the one that Izel was able to bring towards Earth thanks to the ritual. That was where she was looking to achieve everything that she was hoping. She won the battle, but that didn’t answer another question: Would she actually survive? It didn’t appear to be the case, or at least at first.

Right when we thought that May was gone for good, it was Simmons who rushed in to save the day, making it clear that she had a way in order to properly revive her.

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