Is Dear White People renewed for season 4, canceled at Netflix?

Dear White PeopleIs Dear White People renewed for a season 4 at Netflix, or should will it end up canceled? Within this article, CarterMatt is here to break all of this down for you.

Let’s start with this: As of now, no firm decision has been made on the story-based comedy series, which manages to deliver laughs, satire, and also still drama and great characters. It’s one of Netflix’s most-notable under-the-radar hits, but it is that same under-the-radar status that makes the future for this show questionable.

Netflix isn’t that streaming service anymore where you can just look at a show and assume that it’s coming back. We’ve seen enough examples at this point of shows not coming back that we have to think of that as the new normal. In particular with comedies, we’ve seen that Netflix doesn’t have a tendency to keep many of them longer than season 3 or season 4. One Day at a Time ended for them after season 3 (it’s now over at Pop), and we don’t think that we are over what happened to Santa Clarita Diet just yet since they canceled it on a massive cliffhanger! (Also it was the best comedy we’ve seen in years).

So why does Netflix cancel so many shows these days? It’s largely an issue of cost. Shows tend to get more expensive as they go along and salaries increase — once it gets to a certain point, it doesn’t make financial sense for the streaming service to keep making episodes. Shows tend to have smaller audiences, as they go along from normal viewer erosion. Because Netflix has the gigantic library of stuff that they do (including a number of original properties) they don’t have to hold onto shows anymore that they feel they’ve reached the limit on. They can move in the other direction and they’ve shown already that they are okay to do so.

What we foresee happening in the case of Dear White People is this — they’ll spend the next month or so looking at the ratings and they’ll see what they want to do from there. If the show retains much of its season 2 viewership moving into season 3, and if most of those people watch the season the whole way through, there’s then a reason to think that they will want more on the other side. The unfortunate thing is that Netflix isn’t inclined to give up a lot of information on these numbers in advance.

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