iZombie season 6: Could a revival ever happen at The CW?

iZombie season 4 finale

Following tonight’s big finale, is there a chance that an iZombie season 6 revival could happen at The CW? In this article, we’re going to break down the odds of that … even though for now, the chances feel rather scant.

Let’s start with a reminder that tonight’s episode was billed from the get-go as the series finale, meaning that there’s not any plan to revisit the property down the line. Yet, shows these days do have a tendency to come back, and that includes ones executive-produced by Rob Thomas. Think about Veronica Mars, which has come back already for both a movie and a controversial season over at Hulu — and there are still some plans to feature more of the story down the line. Because of this, there is always going to be a hope for more of the story down the road.

Yet, we don’t think that there is any hurry to bring back iZombie for more. For starters, the finale featured a big time jump — if you were to do more stories within this world, you’d probably need to either retcon that or find a way in order to set all of the story ten years after the fact. That would take either aging up the cast or waiting a while in order to make it happen.

With the case of this show, we’re just not sure that the enthusiasm is going to be there many years from now. iZombie does have a loyal following, but it never reached the cult status of Veronica Mars. Maybe it finds a larger sort of second life for itself in streaming outlets, but for now, it feels like this end is the end and we have to prepare for that to be the case.

If anything changes, we’ll of course let you now. For now, we’re excited to see whatever Rose McIver and the rest of the cast is going to do from here. (Sidebar: How underrated is McIver following her time on this show? It feels like the answer to this is “very,” given that she did some really great stuff and she never seemed to get enough praise or attention from it.)

Do you want to see an iZombie season 6 on The CW someday?

To go along with that, what did you think about tonight’s series finale? Be sure to share in the comments, and stick around to get some other news. (Photo: The CW.)

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