ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Nathan Fillion’s been here before!

Do you want another look at the upcoming Comic-Con-inspired episode of “Castle” in early November? When we first wrote about this episode, we did so without much knowledge as to whether or not our leading man had the same sort of knowledge that Nathan Fillion himself does when it comes to conventions like Comic-Con. However, we now know the answer to that, and he appears to be very much well-versed in the ways of dealing with fans and signing autographs.

What makes this new photo from the episode to the left all the more interesting is that the man seeking the autograph from Castle is none other than the episode’s director Jonathan Frakes, who knows a thing or two about these conventions himself courtesy of the fact that he is well-known from the “Star Tred” universe. We can also confirm that some of the rest of the typical “Castle” team will be joining him and Beckett at the event, and this includes the likes of Ryan and Esposito.

In case you have not heard much about the central mystery already, this story revolves primary around a fan who is found dead at the convention, and there are a number of suspects that may even include one of the actors present at the event who is stuck in days gone by. (For whatever reason, part of us flashes back to Johnny Drama from “Entourage” yelling “victory!” every time we think about this.)

What do you want to see happen during this episode, or are you just excited that they are even venturing into some sort of Comic-Con-esque territory to begin with? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! If you want to see a promo for the next new episode airing a week from Monday, which will feature Castle himself becoming a suspect, you can do so over here.

Photo: ABC

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