Supergirl herself, Kara Danvers, is readers’ favorite Arrowverse hero

Supergirl - Kara Danvers

Who is your favorite Arrowverse hero? That is the question that we’ve raised throughout the month of July, and we were really curious to see how this poll was going to shake out considering how passionate the fanbases are for the characters that were doing battle.

The voting results are now in and, with the title of this article in mind, it’s clear what the end results here are. The top character within the Arrowverse is from Supergirl otherwise known as Kara Danvers! There were thousands of votes cast over the past week and the margin of victory was small — Melissa Benoist’s title character defeated Arrow’s own Felicity Smoak by just over 100 votes, or just over 2%. It’s an impressive victory and also a great reminder that heroes come in many different forms. One of these women puts out a costume and takes out supervillains in the field; meanwhile, the other is able to use her technology skills to save the day from afar.

So what makes Kara Danvers (let alone Supergirl) such a great hero? There are a few different components to it.

1. Her tenacity – She doesn’t give up. She’s a fighter who will work hard in order to ensure that she gets her end result, whether it be chasing down a supervillain or a story at CatCo. She’s an intrepid reporter and a devoted worker, both when she’s on the clock and even when she’s trying to relax.

2. Her heart – For some characters, love can be seen as a sign of weakness. For Supergirl, it is her strength. This is a woman who pours every element of her soul into everything that she does and it’s a tremendous reminder of why she is so successful. She has something to fight for, whether it be great friends, her sister Alex, or the love she has for National City. She’s seen it at its worst, but also celebrated it at its best.

3. Her skills – Of course, we can’t forget about the traditional comic-book aspect of the character! In between her strength, her ability to fly, her heat vision, and a number of other elements within her bag of tricks, Supergirl is one of the most powerful characters in the Arrowverse. Unless someone is bringing Kryptonite to the table, she’s more than capable of taking down any character who comes her way.

Let’s also not forget here that Benoist is incredible in the role, and introduces new facets to the character every single season.

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Is Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, your favorite Arrowverse hero?

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