Suits season 9 episode 3 review: Harvey & Donna’s night out

Suits season 9 episode 3

Tonight on Suits season 9 episode 3, we were introduced to the possibility of Judge Louis Litt. We also had Harvey and Donna spending some time together as normal people rather than just employees at a firm.

At the start of the episode, the two decided that once a week, they needed to go out together and talk about something that is separate from what they’re doing at work. Their conversation was  adorable, especially when they had a hard time starting it and went down the road of “water is wet.” Yet, they started to open up and learned something about each other. That’s not something that you often see when it comes to characters who have been around each other for as long as these two have been.

Yet, even in the midst of a romantic evening, there were some other conflicts at play. Take, for example, Louis Litt thinking that Harvey and Donna were disrespecting him while enjoying their evening out. Donna promised that she’d be there for him after Faye Richardson demoted him; then, Harvey didn’t pick up the phone when he called. He had a chance in this episode (thanks in part to Sheila) to become a judge — sure, he’d make less money, but he would also fulfill the end of his dream career path. After Harvey ignored his call (while Louis was standing there watching him do so), he was ready to take the new gig.

Yet, Harvey and Donna both worked together to reassure Louis that they were there for him — he wasn’t so aware of their “one night out without work” rule and he interpreted Harvey laughing as a slight when it wasn’t. Then, Donna went to Sheila, got her on board with him staying, and Louis’ dreams of a girls’ night are finally coming true. Somewhere, he is off watching Dirty Dancing with the two of them.

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Meanwhile, Harvey had another mission: Trying to take down Faye Richardson by whatever means he can. This included him taking on a case involving her former firm. He tried to get leverage over her using one of his new clients and her reputation, mostly to ensure that she wouldn’t take Gretchen away from Louis and they could still have some control still over the firm. No surprise — Faye wasn’t buying that, and she continued to move forward as the current Managing Partner. She forced Donna into doing secretary work and made the atmosphere all around her harsh and bleak.

There was one occasion, though, where someone was able to use Faye to her advantage — Katrina Bennett. When a young employee named Susan tried to use Katrina’s past with Brian in order to become her associate on a case, Katrina then tested her morality and her mettle. He brought Susan in front of Faye and saw whether she would really sell out her and Brian’s past in front of her. She didn’t, and in doing that, Katrina did learn that Susan wasn’t totally malevolent. She was just ambitious, and that was something she could relate to.

Samantha’s revelation

While it seems like her and Alex’s stories are running separate from everything else on Suits at the moment, there was still some fascinating stuff in here. After Alex invited Samantha over to family dinner to make her feel more connected to something that matters in life, she decided that she wanted to track down her biological parents. That’s a risk, but because of Alex and him being so welcome, she feels comfortable doing it and then telling him about it.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Alex/Samantha stuff feels a little too separate from the story at large, but at least it’s compelling enough to be a part of the Suits world. Season 9 episode 3 was a great journey into some big decisions and relationships, both within the firm and also beyond. We had fun moments with Louis and Donna, but also a commitment to keep fighting.

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