Suits season 9 episode 3 video: Harvey, Donna balances work, life

Want to know what’s coming up on Suits season 9 episode 3? Rest assured, there is plenty of Harvey – Donna stuff ahead!

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In the video below, you can see Harvey and Donna do their part to figure out some very important stuff in their relationship — in particular, their work/life balance. After Harvey agreed with her to Louis on this past episode (even though he didn’t believe her to be right), there was a certain degree of trepidation that Donna had. Why? She didn’t want her relationship to suddenly change the way in which they worked. If Harvey didn’t agree with something that she said, she wanted it to be for the right reasons — not because that he was afraid it would make her upset.

This is where Harvey got the perfect dose of reassurance courtesy of Donna, who made it very much clear to him that something like a work dispute would never be the reason why they don’t work. We very much believe that they will work. There are just going to be a number of bumps in the road along the way. Things aren’t going to be perfect every single step of the way.

Here’s where the funny part of the sneak peek comes into play — as it turns out, Harvey watches Oprah occasionally in the morning. He got some valuable advice there, too! That’s why he suggested to her that once a week, they go out to dinner and talk about stuff completely unrelated to work. It’s a chance to separate the two different components of their lives and legitimately spend some quality time together.

This is a sweet idea, and the sneak peek ends with a little bit of fun banter — some of the stuff that Darvey fans love about this show in the first place.

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