Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 10 review: Is a hit out on Adrian?

AdrianTonight on Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 10, we saw what was the slow unraveling of some of these characters’ worlds. Some are able to handle it better than others.

For J, he likes to think that he is handling everything in a-okay fashion. After all, he was able to start getting prepared for the next big job, which is an attempt to rob Jed out of his gold. Maybe that was a part of paying a visit to him in the first place, but it feels a little more dangerous than he first thought. Jed’s got a lot of guns, and he knows his property better than anyone.

Smurf is clearly in the thinking-recklessly phase at the moment, so she is going to do whatever she can to get what she wants. That’s why she is willing to spend money on a party and is finally coming around to this idea of thinking about the future. She understands at least that J is more equipped to handle the family business than either Pope or Deran is, so she’s prepared to leave more within his hands. Sure, Smurf doesn’t know that Olivia has called J up trying to use the concert job as blackmail, but it seems as though J is already getting himself out of that situation on his own. He recognizes that there’s not all that much she is willing to do when she doesn’t understand this world or some of the dangers that are within it.

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This episode gave you a serious sense of panic for Deran — he’s been trying to navigate Adrian’s delicate legal situation any way he can, but it’s harder now that Smurf knows he’s been talking to the cops. Her message? Deran either needs to take care of the situation or Pope will — whatever that means. It can mean MANY different things, depending on how sneaky Deran can be. Maybe he can sneak him out somewhere and claim that he won’t be a threat. Maybe he can fake his death. He’s going to have to think of extremes; that’s the world that this family operates in.

Craig’s thought process now is a little more simple: He needs to figure out what he wants to do with his baby with Renn. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to give up a chance to be a parent, but that is going to come with its own set of obstacles. Take, for example, whether or not he wants to continue to live this life and have his kid grow up in it. His kid may not have an opportunity for anything else.

CarterMatt Verdict

Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 10 resolved almost nothing — especially with Pope and Angela, given how he ended up locking her in a bathroom after realizing that she is still using. This episode did succeed in giving you some intense situations, plus also Smurf recognizing her mortality and looking towards some of what may be her last hurrah. For the first time this season, all of the individual storylines made sense and put these characters in interesting, complicated situations.

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