The Walking Dead spin-off teaser hints at ‘new places’

Walking Dead season 8If you didn’t know already, there is a third edition of The Walking Dead coming to AMC this spring. We’re not sure anyone asked for it, but we’re getting it anyway and we’ll see how it plays out. In all seriousness, though, if the flagship show does sixteen episodes, Fear the Walking Dead does sixteen, and this show also does ten, that means that this franchise will on the air for 42 weeks of the year. Does anyone really need this much Walking Dead?

Anyhow, the first teaser for this show (which CarterMatt has for you below) does its best to spell out what makes this spin-off special. For the first time, we’re going to be looking at this world just through the lens of people who have grown up in it. Think in terms of The Walking Dead: Euphoria, with zombies and minus all of the super-controversial stuff that makes Euphoria perfect for premium cable. This is a series about being young and try to survive, and the perspective from someone that has grown up in this environment and this is the only world they’ve ever really known. For them, is it more about survival or more about creating a world that can thrive?

AMC surprisingly has gone all-in on doing another spin-off even though ratings for both the flagship show and Fear the Walking Dead have been trailing off for years now. Why do they think another series will be successful? They’re banking on their ability to produce quality and hoping that viewers will come around on the basis of that. We can’t say that we’re sure that they will. They may just turn their noses up at this, thinking that they don’t need another version of this franchise, and then send it on its merry way without giving it a chance.

That being said, we are happy to give it a chance. We are certainly concerned that a spin-off about young adults will lead to a lot characters that might be harder for us to relate to since we are not in that age group, but for every Enid on this show The Walking Dead does produce some interesting young characters. Chandler Riggs was awesome as Carl through much of his run on the series, and we know there is a real kick right now to cast shows with a lot of young people. Euphoria is one clear example of that; another is Stranger Things, which has become one of the biggest TV hits of this era.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this spin-off (per the teaser) is that we’re going to visit new parts of the world we’ve never seen before. Does this mean geographic regions? Probably, but we are still waiting for the day where we get to check out zombies in space as a concept.

Do you want to see another Walking Dead spin-off series?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter. Be sure to follow her on Twitter. (Photo: AMC.)

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