The Bachelorette: Hear Jed Wyatt’s dog food jingle, as discussed in finale

Jed WyattFor everyone out there actually wondering what Jed Wyatt’s dog food jingle was as he discussed it in tonight’s The Bachelorette finale, we have it for you here!

Thanks to some internet sleuthing following tonight’s episode, it was uncovered that the jingle that Jed wrote was for a company called Better Bowl that is about giving your dog “the best.” The Twitter post below comes from June 20 of this year, which is odd for this reason: They posted this two days after the Jed Wyatt – girlfriend story broke! We don’t know if that was the best time to get publicity off of his name.

Then again, here we are writing about a dog food company named Better Bowl that we had never heard about before tonight’s episode. The issue here for Jed is that he made it clear to Hannah’s parents that this was going to be a springboard to other things in his career, and we’re not sure that we can really say that given that it’s just one single for a dog food brand that doesn’t have much of a social media following as of yet.

Ultimately, though, we’re not posting this to try to mock Jed or the company — they obviously just wanted a single for their product and it may turn out to be good dog food! They just have to hope that all of the attention surrounding it now ends up bringing them some sales, even if nobody likes the guy singing it. The challenge for Jed now is where his music career is going to go from here since so much of his name is now synonymous with everything that happened on this show all season long. Unless he comes with a really compelling story tomorrow night to explain the allegations of going on the show with a girlfriend back home, he’s going to have a hard time turning the narrative around.

In general, we advise all aspiring musicians to choose a different outlet for their career. Maybe try going on The Voice instead — it never tends to go well for singers here in terms of them finding fame on the other side.

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