Elementary season 7 episode 11 video: Prepare for Morland Holmes

Elementary season 6Coming up on Elementary season 7 episode 11, be prepared for a return long in the making: John Noble as Morland Holmes.

First and foremost, we celebrate Morland any chance that we get to see him on this show and for good reason. He’s such an injection of personality and any opportunity that we have to see him on this series is going to be more than welcome.

Now, let’s get to the next order of business — trying to see what Morland brings to the table. What we know entering this upcoming episode is that Sherlock is going to be bringing him in for a little bit of an assist. He’s going to be intent on doing virtually whatever he can to infiltrate and get more answers on Odin Reichenbach’s operation, and sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. In this case, we’re going to be seeing Sherlock choose to fight a criminal operation with his father’s own fast network. What he just has to hope for is that this isn’t the sort of thing that comes back to bite him, given that Holmes has already utilized them on one occasion already to get himself out of a bind with him not being able to come back into the country. The longer that he opts to keep this going, the more likely it is that in due time, he wind himself in a certain degree of danger. Relying on a criminal network isn’t always a great thing.

Yet, as we get closer to this upcoming episode airing, it does feel like we’re going to see a real sense of desperation for Sherlock and Joan. They want to find a way to stop Odin, especially since some of his “technology” could up leading to more deaths. Odin genuinely thinks that what he is doing is helping much of the world and that is a part of why he is so dangerous. He legitimately believes that some of his actions are justified and he doesn’t want to be told otherwise. He may not be able to be convinced, and that’s why Sherlock may just have to stop him instead.

Hopefully, Morland ends up becoming a way in which for that to happen.

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